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Sunday, May 29, 2016

A Hot career in Media & Entertainment at Delhi University

Media & Entertainment Industry certificate courses at Delhi University for 2016

New Delhi: The craze for a making career in films, TV, radio and journalism nothing new considering the ever-growing opportunities in media and entertainment sector. No doubt the digital medium boom supported Digital India movement by Modi-led government is making way too through this sector.

DU’s prominent centres and colleges have also introduced few short-term certificate courses in the past. At Hansraj College, Dr.Rama (Principal), has inked pact with RK Films & Media Academy. For 2016, the Hansraj College now also invites prospective students to join its newly introduced certificate courses, viz;

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Homemade Fresh Mango Juice | Mango Juice

Homemade is always ,nothing can compromise it.One will long for homemade food if he/she eat outside food continuously for more than two days.My daughter who went for school tour for three days came home sick just carving for any homemade food.There is always somethings special in home cooked food even a simple rasam will taste divine.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Hara Bhara Kabab | Spinach & Peas Patties

Hara bhara kabab means its a green cutlet which is nothing but made of spinach,green peas and potato. It is healthy and tasty with loaded proteins.We serve it simply serve it with ketchup or keep as patties between bread and serve as burger.Even the kids who refuse to eat greens will surely have this kabab due to its taste.Do give a try once and I'm sure you will make it again and again.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Admission Desk - An easy way to apply and learn in Universities in India

In India education is provided by both public and private sectors.Every year there is a vast development in the establishment of universities and colleges.To know about  all universities /colleges and their admission procedure in various institute admission desk comes in handy.
As we move around the corridors of Education Ministry in India, we often hear statements like "India itself has huge demand internally and so we don't need international students ". Its not just those even our Economic Wings talk of " foreign student kyu chaiye (Why foreign students)". Its strange to put a case of how a nation with 70% young population is already global as he is on Facebook talking to people from around the world, watching videos on Youtube from different countries, visiting and learning about various cultures and markets. Why aren't we able to put our minds, body and system with our visionary Prime Minister who understands the importance of "Internationalization". There are huge benefits of building "Study in India" and to take a case in point lets look at US and the value the immigrants have added:

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Maharashtrian Kadhi | Simple Yogurt Curry | Gravy for Rice

Making an elaborate meal in this scorching sweat/heat is a big task and many prefer simple easy recipes which requires less time to cook and to be in kitchen. To be frank we  don't  feel hungry tbut one can't survive by just having fluid so its necessary to eat some solid food.To make the task simpler easy one pot meal or gravy like this kadhi comes in handy.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Shoppers shop's Summer Collections

Great news for fashion lovers! Latest summer collection from Brands of Shoppers Stop, the country’s leading retailer, is exclusively available across its country-wide stores, website, and mobile app.
Shoppers Stop’s assorted summer collections offer sartorial enthusiasts their pick of current trends and styles:
·         Planning a wardrobe makeover to traditional chic? Go for Haute Curry! Its new collection favours subversive splashes of colour and breezy summer layers, ranging from cute ethnic like kurtis and anarkalis to eclectic crop tops, shorts, kaftan, and jackets. The brand lets you get the trends right, be it cold shoulder or on-trend cover ups!


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